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Originally Posted by dennypayne View Post
I think it was $3500 which was astonishing. I bought that model for $67 and I was tempted to list it after seeing that as well, but #1, it's a "flown on" example for me and #2, my stepdad was a Delta 767 captain, so it's worth much more for me as part of my collection - the money can't really replace that.
Not sure if someone else sold one at that price, but I sold the GJ200 Delta 763W in the current livery for $3500. I started the auction at $49.99. I didnít expect it to ever get that much. I thought maybe it might go for $125 tops. The guy paid right away and heís happy with it. Iíve never tried to gouge my buyers, every auction Iíve done has had a very low starting price. I donít know what people are thinking, I guess itís a get rich scheme for them. When my auction for the $3500 DL 763 was still active, someone else put up the same model as ďBuy It NowĒ for $3000 and it sold in one day.

I sold a model in an auction in December for $67, a GJ200 JetBlue A320, and the buyer still hasnít paid for it. I think Iíll put up for sale again, Iíve given him over 7 weeks to pay.

I have some models that will fetch a nice sum, but the sentimental value I have for them means that Iíll never part with them, like the GJ200 Air France Concorde.
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