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Originally Posted by ukjohna View Post
IMO, this “community” is like every other. There are people with whom you share an opinion, those with whom you disagree. Some people are “talkative” and post more than others, but sometimes, as in real life, it pays to take notice when otherwise quiet voices are heard. The key is to keep it civil and on topic. There is a Squawk Talk section for a reason.

It’s a hobby. If you no longer enjoy it, then stop, or at least avoid those aspects that annoy you. Ignore threads that you find frustrating and participate in those that don’t.

We all have our flaws. Some of us (me!) have ready access to a picture library and feel compelled to show off our collection at every opportunity, but I for one come here for the photos, especially of those models that I would like to see, but would probably never buy, so the more pictures the better.

Others want to impress with their knowledge. Is that so bad? If you don’t want to read, then move along, but don’t attack.

I have had people be critical of some of my customs because they are not a perfect representation of the 1:1. In many cases, they are right! Some of my world tail 757s have the wrong engines! Heresy! But you know what..? I don’t care. My goal was to have every tail, but there was no suitable donor model for the earlier BA 757s, so I used the latter models and I love every one and achieved my goal. The same goes for some other airframes that I did not see too much In real life. If in my (failing) eyes, the model represents my memories (also failing), then I am good to go.

Someone once told me to “make like a mallard”....and have criticism and negativity be “water off a duck’s back”. Good advice.

That said, constant negativity will poison any community. Celebrate the positive, acknowledge the challenges and flaws, but let people make up their own mind, and as has been said, “like what you buy and buy what you like”.

The “community” will “self select” the tone that becomes prevalent. The best option (again IMO) is to make the parts of the community that you enjoy be more active than those that you don’t, by participating in a way that you would hope people would participate in threads that you would typically start.

If I get to the point where this is a place that I don’t enjoy, then I will move on, but for now it is the most active of the places that I could frequent, and the pros outweigh the cons.
One of the best posts I have read on the DAC in some time! I admire and respect your personal thoughts and feelings with your post above. Well done! T7

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