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Originally Posted by KLM4me View Post
I remember the days when I first started collecting 1:200 when we were thrilled just to get ANYTHING produced in this scale. When we'd BEG the airlines to send us corporate models because they wouldn't make them available on the retail level. (Virgin and Qatar come to mind!) Now there are collectors who complain about the position of pax windows, the size and/or shape of the cockpit windows, the shape of the engines and their position in relation to the ground (that one kills me) and the stance. That said, I don't care much for the IF200 747 mould, but if they were to release a model I had to have, then I'd certainly buy it.

One thing I noticed recently is that DAC members don't care about plastic models. I recently posted photos of my 2 latest acquisitions. Both models of actual aircraft I've flown on so they were special to me. I spent 40 minutes taking photos, posting to Flickr then copying and pasting and creating a post on here to share my joy. You were the only one to comment, Russell. robertjon5 received the same lack of response recently when he posted photos of his 2 Skymarks BA 744s. What happened to the camaraderie on here? The models may not be everyone's cup of tea, but be happy for the person who acquired them. It's very disheartening and I came close to completely deleting my profile on here.
I still remember the days of all the oohs and aahs over plastic models indeed. Especially with the hype over the Qatar corporate models. Like you did just now I would spend so much time taking pics of the models and then upload to Flickr and post here.

While I just got one diecast widebody I can understand how some might feel towards asric but they have their advantages, light in weight and on the wallet too.

I returned here after all these years specifically to sell some Hogans, Herpas and Risesoon/ Skymarks. However not sure if they would even be looked at lol.

Don't stop the pics. Your BA 744s are gorgeous.
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