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Default Re: Nitpickers Whiners and Complainers

Generally speaking, I can't see anything wrong with pointing out errors. On the basis that errors are different for every collector. It can be a deal breaker for one and for another, not a big deal. The last thing a collector wants is unboxing a model and finding a deal breaking error, that could have been avoided if it was mentioned on a forum. In that respect, it's useful to "rivet count".

Where it becomes an annoyance is when it's taken too far. To the extent of brand bashing and saying what pos models that manufacturer puts out. That they don't care about collectors and retailers all over the world are pi$$ed off with constantly dumping those pos models

Absolutely out of touch with reality. Manufacturers are a business and the models they sell must make a profit for them... and it's ulitmately the market who decides if the manufacturer is going to make money. Constantly producing loss making models will result in said manufacturer going under. You do already have an example of a kind... Hobby master. The last time they released a jetliner was back in 2015. Obviously the market said "NO" to their models and HM stopped making them

So, okay to mention errors, flaws etc but keep in mind the big picture... that if IF200 continually release a 727 with all its well known errors, it can only be because the market is fine with it. If the tooling makes a profit for IF200 then there's very little incentive for them to correct the flaws
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