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Originally Posted by Gold Leader View Post
We all know that no model is 100% perfect, in my communities people love showing their models collections and sharing their experiences and the results are more than just positive, I mean this too can happen in a forum just as well, only if you want it to of course.
You think it’s positive, others think it’s just nice or a kind of exhibitionism or even pompousness. What is right, what is wrong? Actually, it does not matter. All these feelings or, simply spoken, point of views are okay and as diversified as the collectorate is.

Your description of ‘positive’ would rather lead to a platform where collectors can present what they have with everyone’s applauding. This would not be a ‘discussion forum’.

Originally Posted by Gold Leader View Post
Negativity isn't liked for most, it takes away some people's happiness in the items they collect, or love to share with others, also why I would never rant of someone's things all because I would see a flaw in the design, that would only leave them in a neglected state.
I think your words are pointing straight towards the real problem: taking criticism as ‘negativity’. This problem is obviously based on the fact that ‘criticism’ is either mixed-up or deliberately put on the same level as senseless complaints or apparently exaggerated attention to detail. what's the reason? May be it's a certain incompetence in dealing with criticism in general. This is very unfortunate but obvious - and it’s the complete opposite to the natural meaning of a ‘discussion forum’.

Originally Posted by Gold Leader View Post
Many people are just bored of seeing the same repetitive comments by the same people over and over again, it's not going to solve their problem, it's an on going repetitive scene of negativity.
May be this helps to add a different view: ”Many people are just bored of seeing the same ignorant comments by the same people over and over again, telling them criticism is just nit-picky, complaining and whining”.

Originally Posted by Gold Leader View Post
it's fine that some of you won't agree with me, your choice, but I respect that
We don’t need to agree to everyone’s view - it would help if we could just respect what others have to say.

And if you are bored personally: skip those threads and topics. Tell the writer about your point - I think one can always say: “Sorry man but this details is not of interest to me”. Or just say nothing and leave the topic to those who are interested in discussing it. Just an idea.

By the way, some criticism even bothers me from time to time. But that’s a natural thing. The 1/400 scale has taken this to a higher level recently. But that’s just a sidenote.
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