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Default Re: Nitpickers Whiners and Complainers

The problem that nobody cares to mention is the hobby itself:


What is a collector? It's a person with discretionary capital who has little to no input on the design, manufacture or distribution of the item being collected. There's the model makers and then there's us; the collector/consumer.

You seriously wanna know why collectors ***** so much? It's because these things are incredibly expensive, limited in release and often slow to arrive with pre-orders being a must for new releases. Collectors have little power in the process and so they come here to complain. Where else can they go? Diecast collecting is a niche and aircraft diecast collecting is more niche than that!

So you're annoyed at all the whiners and complainers...OK. So I take it you're also just fine with the seemingly endless "Wishlist threads" and "I wish GJ, IF200, BB, NG, etc would make...threads". Sorry but nobody is going to make your 1:200 Boeing 720 that flew for Obscure Airlines back in 1969 for a total of 3 months before going bankrupt. These threads are just as annoying but were it not for any complaints at all, there would be no forum. Might as well shut the whole thing down or merge it with Airliners.net.

Bottom line: This is not a interactive/social hobby and as a result people will complain. Best to just deal with it warts and all.

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