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Originally Posted by arctic9048 View Post
Thank you. Someone else who sees it too. There was a Gemini Delta 767 that went for like $1300 a week or two ago. The starting bid was a normal bid. That guy is on Facebook and he said the buyer paid and was happy. I say good for him to get $1300. If you can get it then you can get it! But then I did immediately laugh at everyone who put a buy it now at $1300. I guess not everyone else can see the difference but oh well.
I think it was $3500 which was astonishing. I bought that model for $67 and I was tempted to list it after seeing that as well, but #1, it's a "flown on" example for me and #2, my stepdad was a Delta 767 captain, so it's worth much more for me as part of my collection - the money can't really replace that.

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