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Default Re: Nitpickers Whiners and Complainers

Originally Posted by crownvic View Post
that may explain why my photos are so bad, I just put them down, turn on a light, snap a photo with my phone and post. Total time 3-5 minutes!
There are times I shoot like 200+ photo's and only 40 make it out. still I need to improve my skills my camera is the Sony CyberShot DSC-V3, here a decent review of it:

The DSC-V3 was one of the best handhelds of 2003-2004 for it's price class.

It came with a mini tri-pod, never used that tho, I just hold my breath til my body is in absolute stably to make that good shot.
Photography is also a hobby of mine and combining that with them B747 diecast models is quite the challenge, my best photo hmm maybe this one for now:

And this one maybe, hmm hard to choose I guess

Tupolev Tu-144D
Sinsheim Auto-Technik Museum, Germany (2017)

That are two of my favorite photo's for sure

For a look back in my Sinsheim & Speyer 2017 thread it's all here, had a fun day shooting pics made over 700 I think these in this topic were definitely the best ones I managed to sort out, was fun to do though!

Originally Posted by KLM4me View Post
I remember the days when I first started collecting 1:200 when we were thrilled just to get ANYTHING produced in this scale. When we'd BEG the airlines to send us corporate models because they wouldn't make them available on the retail level. (Virgin and Qatar come to mind!) Now there are collectors who complain about the position of pax windows, the size and/or shape of the cockpit windows, the shape of the engines and their position in relation to the ground (that one kills me) and the stance. That said, I don't care much for the IF200 747 mould, but if they were to release a model I had to have, then I'd certainly buy it.

One thing I noticed recently is that DAC members don't care about plastic models. I recently posted photos of my 2 latest acquisitions. Both models of actual aircraft I've flown on so they were special to me. I spent 40 minutes taking photos, posting to Flickr then copying and pasting and creating a post on here to share my joy. You were the only one to comment, Russell. robertjon5 received the same lack of response recently when he posted photos of his 2 Skymarks BA 744s. What happened to the camaraderie on here? The models may not be everyone's cup of tea, but be happy for the person who acquired them. It's very disheartening and I came close to completely deleting my profile on here.
Agreeds plastic models need more love, Herpa & Hogan especially made some damn fine molds tbh, it is a shame they are disrespected same for Skymarks, not that I'd buy these I still think when someone posts their PVC Collection that they too should get the same respect everyone else gets, at some time we all had PVC models and we loved them too and there are still some PVC models I'd love to get, it does not always have to be diecast.

Every model will have it's little things good or less grand, but that won't stop me from buying them, especially for my collection needs.
As most know here, I really adore the Boeing 747 in every way possible these models surely help a lot to bring them in the best perspective possible.
And do they have flaws here and there, I just accept that instead, much less stress to mind that way, and trust me from a distance you'd won't see them minuscule mistakes anyways so who the f*ck cares

You will never see me write off someone's post all due to such things, it's not the idea to rain down negativity on someone's liking's, all because something isn't well made or has flaws, you just don't do that, but sadly these nitpickers will always have their ways with such things and that is depressing to see happen.

It's fine not to like things it really is!, but there is just no need to bring that to those that deprive such posts, left alone make several threads always about the same things, it's wrong.
I hope to see you get that KLM Livery you love most some day, need help finding one I'd love to help ya always though <3

Originally Posted by Lufthansaboy View Post
I totally agree Russell. I notice it more on 1/400 though and it's always the same whingers.
These whiners are everywhere man, even in the Starwars & Dino vintage toy forums, in my communities I have a rule that such topics aren't aloud, just to keep the peace, it's fine to not like something but they should leave it at that.

Originally Posted by Rockybudgeboa View Post
6-7 years ago, when my daughter and I began collecting, I did not care if there were any issues and they did not bother me. What bothered me then and now is the certain somebodies who complained about every post I made. So, we decided to tune it down, and now we only got one model all of last year.

I still like my models as does my daughter, but we got sick of all the infantile keyboard warriors flacking us, so we took a huge step back so to speak and sold off a large majority of our diecast collection. Still have some which are never going to leave and plenty of plastics too.
Never stop doing what you love doing don't let these negativity seeders ruin on what you love doing, I won't let them win, no chance, I miss your threads though, always packed with detail, would be nice to see you come back though!

Originally Posted by crownvic View Post
Its important to note the forum rules too:

"Photo threads are not to be used for model bashing. Another thread can be opened to show the shortfalls of the model and have healthy discussions on them. Photos need to be used with owner consent only. Threads/post will be removed if owner’s permissions have not been taken"
Best rule ever, seems like I will use this rule in my communities as well, it just makes sense.
Only if using an other photo from someone else it's best to mail the owner for permission and add credit to the owner of the photo if posting it, that is something I do take use of, giving credit should always be done and I will admit I too made mistakes of this in the past, I am sure everyone did at some point.

Originally Posted by Aviaction View Post
Yes the original paint would be the same, but fades quickly, so at an airport you would see Pan Am billboards in different shades of blue - or any airline for that matter. So your display is more realistic of the real world....?
This is only understandable for those that get how damaging the sun's UV rays are, more in depth info here on why the Sun's UV rays cause Decoloration

Originally Posted by arctic9048 View Post
I also think it is ridiculous to take a photo of an error and then magnify it by 20x. You're going to find a lot of different things wrong if that's the way you view models. I'm more about things that you can really notice with the naked eye -- smudges, incorrect paint color (I know you and I are going to disagree on this one, Russ but I think the Gemini UA 727 battleship is completely off).

With that being said, I don't think anybody is really going to change their minds. No point in losing any sleep over it. As a former boss would say, "Don't ever let someone else steal your joy."
Well said those that do photography will love this post, me being one of them hehe
Yea from a distance of even 1 meter /3.3 feet you wont see these differences that much, some take such things way too deep, that is what I am experiencing anyway.

All along side that in the end I just want everyone to enjoy on what they love doing most, there will always be things that are less liked and that is highly respected but yea as said earlier.
There is no need to keep repeating that subjectit's old and everybody gets it.

Well I too been nitpicky of the jeweled landing lights lacking in GJ200 models and I too won't do that anymore, looking back it wasn't all worth mentioning multiple times as I have done, that was wrong of me to do.
I just didn't understand the reason, but agreed I took that a bit too far at times, my bad for that.

GJ200 still makes fantastic models and I still highly recommend them but IF200 is also great for those that love classic liveries every brand has their ups and downs in the end and it's all okay

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