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Default Re: Nitpickers Whiners and Complainers

Yes, the "Micrometer Mob" do seem to be raising their heads above the parapet more and more these days, and perhaps for reasons mentioned above, but yes I think some of them now actively await a particular manufacturers new release pictures in order to go and shoot them down. Particularly in my favoured 1:400 scale where large high definition jpegs can reveal a multitude of sins not readily noticeable to the naked eye. Genuine mistakes like wrong colours or gold on B-Cal models twice when it's been declared wrong before do deserve criticism though.

I also agree with the assertion that manufacturers do back off from participation on these fora and elsewhere because of excessive criticisms of their product. NG in particular have embraced this forum in recent times (The L-1011 moulds are effectively in existence because of conversations and exchanges of ideas with DAC members) but within less than two years I can sense the reticence already. And I don't think the excessive nitpickers actually realise the harm they're doing in that respect.

To sum up, fair or constructive criticism is a vital part of the hobby, extreme criticism ( especially when the things being complained about are subject to debate and divided opinion) is not always condusive to happy collecting for anyone.

Good points Russ. Now will anyone bring me some nice British Caledonian releases in either scale, in 2021 that does NOT have a garish golden cheatline along it ?
Let's be having, the British Airways/British, Negus & Negus BAC 1-11-500 in 1:400 please !
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