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Default Re: Nitpickers Whiners and Complainers

Well said crownvic,I could not of said it better, in the modeling communities I run I made it a rule if one is going to be so nitpicky about such minuscule things their topic will be removed and it really works fine of course models will have issues they are made by people that barely have knowledge of aerospace engineering they get design plans from their company and the workers follow orders I never been to a company like Inflight 200, Gemini Jets or JC Wings but I don't think its as wonderful as most would want to see it.

Even if models aren't perfect I also buy what I find important to have in my collection we all buy what we love and those that are here to disrupt it will get a not so positive reply in return they are only here to disrupt a positive mind and nothing more.

And it's fine to not like something it's just the method they use to constantly whine about the same thing over and over again, that doesn't read as pleasant commentary.

Aussijets & I always try to make a topic beautiful with good details, so people love them and we will gladly continue on doing just that.

It takes me about 4 a 5 days to do one of those topics a lot of time and work goes in to them from photo making to drafting to finalizing, it's un and it gives others a good perspective on what to expect from the model I am reviewing I try anyway

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