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Originally Posted by KLM4me View Post

One thing I noticed recently is that DAC members don't care about plastic models. I recently posted photos of my 2 latest acquisitions. Both models of actual aircraft I've flown on so they were special to me. I spent 40 minutes taking photos, posting to Flickr then copying and pasting and creating a post on here to share my joy. You were the only one to comment, Russell. robertjon5 received the same lack of response recently when he posted photos of his 2 Skymarks BA 744s. What happened to the camaraderie on here? The models may not be everyone's cup of tea, but be happy for the person who acquired them. It's very disheartening and I came close to completely deleting my profile on here.
To speak for myself: due to the fact that this is an english speaking forum and sometimes I have to think twice if it makes sense what I am writing I just take a step down and dont post a comment although I really enjoy your and others efforts of giving us a detailed reviews of either diecast or plastic models. I always do. And others, too.

In mid 2020 I switched from 1/400 to 1/200 (although I had some LH Modell Edition 747s in my collection before). My first Gemini200 A340-600 in hand and being absolutely overwhelmed I realized that I had to re-think this hobby. The big ones are way more expensive. By the end of last year I just got 12 models instead of 30 (in 1/400) for 1.500EUR/ 1.800USD. And all my models so far are near to my understanding of perfection. They're heavy, amazingly detailed and big. So to say I am a bit spoiled now. Accuracy in printing, parts and finishing is what I expect. And a detachable landing gear. Unfortunetaly because of that I have to pass all Inflight 747 and many other great releases.

Nevertheless this understanding of perfection doesn't mean if a wanted model has some issues I wont get it. The Gemini200 Malaysia 737-800 is a good example. The cockpit window printing looks odd, but as I've flown on its 1:1 pendant the wrong printing wasnt a reason not to get it. Just having some good memories and enjoying the model. I just hope all manufacturers keep improving their models and have a decent quality control. That's it.

Edit: some of my 2020 additions (enjoy! ):
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