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Originally Posted by WesG650 View Post
I started collecting in September 2020 and have a fairly large collection already. Ebay has been one place i have purchased from but even my untrained eye is surprised by some listings.

Has anyone seen the Southwest 737 on ebay for $500, with two very noticeable chips on the rear roof.

Is that model that rare that even damaged it can pull such a large valuation?

I ask as its one i would like as i have flown in one but i wouldn't touch that with such damage.


Like some people said, people just looking for suckers most likely.

There's one of the limited release United large-titled B747SPs I want on there right now. He's asking 555. And if you look it appears both RF antennas on the wingtips are bent.

And to top if off he's charging 49.99 for USPS Priority Mail shipping.
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