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Default Re: Nitpickers Whiners and Complainers

First: I appreciate you being part of this forum as a spokesman of a manufacturer and I see where you're coming from.

I totally agree. "Buy what you like" is my philosophy aswell. I never buy models which I do not like. I got some GJ200s (maybe not as much as others) and I am very happy with them, but constructive criticism (as miniscule as the issue sometimes might be) has to be allowed.

As you mentioned 1:1 cars:
when I'd buy a Mercedes and I get one delivered with a missiing star I want that issue being solved my the guys in charge, right? I don't say "Oh the rest of the car looks great, nevermind" - you don't do that.

To sum it up, I am very pleased with all the models I got so far, and I am pretty sure there are coming a lot more in the future.
*** more classic liveries please ***

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