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Default Nitpickers Whiners and Complainers

I am going to go on a rant like my friend Jerry from BigJet TV does...

Over the years it has been quite obvious that a few collectors here are very critical and vocal about the smallest inaccuracies produced by ALL manufacturers.. I think it must be an ego thing to prove to the world that they are wannabe aerospace engineers. I personally have been collecting model airplanes (embarrassed to say for nearly 50 years) during that time frame Iíve seen the quality and details go from toylike to near perfection. I have also probably amassed, collected and sold nearly 10,000 models in that time frame...I can honestly say that maybe three or four models didnít meet my criteria and got rid of due to inaccuracy. To me, if someone is that critical of a mistake, that is so minute and barely noticeable they donít need to be in this hobby. I find it frustrating when members like Gold Leader and Aussiejets posts pictures of their latest models on this forum, 95% of the feedback is positive and then there is that one or two heros that want to point out an error and take the fun out of it all. I understand the frustration of ďI work hard for my money and these models must be perfectĒ .. but even the most expensive 1:1 automobiles have issues too..

My suggestion is if you are so picky and that cockpit is off by 1/1000th of a millimetre, the cheat line is off by a hair then your in the wrong hobby..There is a reason why most manufacturers who eagerly used to participate in forums like this have left as the hard core critical collectors have scared them off. Yes I know about that other company on the 400 scale section that everybody praises idolises and puts on a pedestal and yes I agree they have done a good job in listening to the collector and following through, but now the complaints are slowly starting to come in against them too, maybe itís only a matter of time before they follow suit as well..

I think fellow DACer robertjon5 summed it up best:

Rant over.. what are your thoughts, agree with me or tell me to stick it where the sun doesnít shine!
BTW, this rant does not support models that come damaged due to poor glue or shipping damage.. for that I agree with those 100%
Gemini Jets 400 Scale....the company collectors love to hate but love to collect..

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