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Default Re: Exorbitant prices on ebay

There are sellers out there that are either greedy and think they will catch some stupid mug with these prices, or have no idea of the value of the model.
It makes me laugh when I see the word 'rare' so many times...until everyone that has one digs it out and puts it on E. Bay!!! Not sure who is most desperate, the seller or the buyer that pays these prices!

Some people still don't understand how auctions work! If they put the starting price at that which they paid for the model, it would be far more attractive to bidders, rather than putting it at what they think it should make. Even putting it slightly lower will start a bidding war, if several people think they might have a bargain. Just putting it at a ridiculously high price is sheer stupidity as it will not attract any bidders and the stubborn seller will just keep listing and relisting with no sale,.

The missing B.707s still needed to be done in 1/400: Uganda Airlines, Luxair,

DC-8s still needed to be done in 1/400: UAT, Iberia ('80s scheme), Air Ceylon, Air Spain, Seaboard World (-63CF)

Aeroclassics Comets still missing- Dan Air (4 & 4C), United Arab Airlines/Misrair/Egyptair, Kuwait AW, Sudan AW, East African AW, Saudi Royal Flt.

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