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Originally Posted by Argosy View Post
IF200 did do G-BHBL in "British" titles in 2009. G-BEAK was also done in full Negus scheme but wasn't a 200.

Yes- that's the only "British" titled Tristar that I am aware of in 1:200. Not a bad looking model.

G-BHBL British Airways Tristar - Inflight Model by ukjohna, on Flickr

Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
Thanks, I'm generally a 1:400 collector, so wasn't sure. Maybe I'll have a hunt for that then.
They come up every now and again on eBay. Last one I saw was https://www.ebay.com/itm/INFLIGHT-1-...0AAOSw~nFfv5vj Not a terrible price - but shipping will likely be a bear.
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