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Default Re: Gemini Emirates 777 without aerials?

For me, the things I look at and prioritise before I buy a model are:
1. Price
2. Quality control - (brand) Will the model be in one piece? bent landing gear ect Could it succumb to zinc rot (has the brand had this problem before and they haven't addressed it?)
3. Mould - good or bad representation of the real aircraft?
4. livery/printing - colours correct? Printing quality good?
5. Added gimmicks - extra detailed landing gears - I still buy plenty of old dragon wings and gemini jets models which lack this and are still very good! And finally, aerials they look good, but how much extra will you pay for a model with them?
If there were 2 models (same livery ect) on the same mould, and the model without aerials was $20 cheaper, i would by that one.
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