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Default Re: Spotting at FRA RW25C

Thank You very much to all for Your comments, I appreciate them a lot!

Originally Posted by Ty-114 View Post
Google Earth is amazingly useful. Those foils look awesome!
Yup, absolutley, thank You very much!

Originally Posted by Ciderman View Post
Looks like proof of climate change. This brown stuff used to be grass when I was there a couple of years ago.
Yes, I agree the grass looks very dried out, this might be the proofe of climate change.

Originally Posted by shandaken View Post
Amazingly lifelike..fantastic work.
Thank You very much shandaken!

Originally Posted by doug seeley View Post
'Ground foil FRA 1' - flaring for touchdown - nice. Flaps down has added a new dimension. Doug
Thanks Doug for the more precise wording - I appreciate that well!
I always like to read Your threads - especially the ones about Lufthansa and often I would like to have more time to share my opinion.

Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
I was going to say, shouldn't this be posted in the 1:1 section ? Great foils !
Yes, thank You very much Mr. Big Al!

--- some additional info ---

For printing the foil I had to lighten up the image and the photos I took then are shimmering slight blue.

The size of the printed area is about 2000 x 860 mm

Thank You - with best regards,
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