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Originally Posted by C141*Lifter View Post
"A little" steep??? If the standard price of 1/400 scale models typically go for even half of $126, my disposable income will be going towards other things. I've already cancelled a couple orders, including the new AeroClassics 747-200s. I'm sure I'm not the only one that wonders to himself if I really need a particular model or not.

Putting in pre-orders for a bunch of models just to not "miss out" as soon as they are announced and decide whether I want to keep them or sell them after I receive them is a thing of the past for me. Now I carefully combine pre-orders from different manufacturers in any given month.

$126 for a 1/400 747?? Seriously?? Herpa can take these 747s and shove them up their a*&es!! Not worth the money!!

Apparently you can't detect sarcasm.

With that said, I wouldn't freak out about this. It's on a rewards site and anything on those sites is typically overvalued so that those paying with part miles and part cash end up paying more cash.
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