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Originally Posted by barison82 View Post
The end of an era. Very sad to see them go but had to be expected. They had a very good run, we were very lucky to get three of them in the retro liveries for what has turned out to be their final year. I hope that the most was made of it by enthusiasts capturing those on camera! So many job losses will now follow, things really are looking bleak for the aviation industry at the moment. Bye bye BA 747, we’ll miss you 😢✈️👍

Was looking at costs and comparably where a typical large twin eg. 777 will cost £7000 for a particular trip, a 747 will cost £24,000 and an a380 slightly more at about £27000. So per seat mile that makes a 747 uneconomical compared to other options. Note an A380 carries more pax for a similar cost, and I wonder if we could see BA purchasing some used examples to bolster the long haul fleet. Remember Heathrow has very limited slots so using 2x twins over 1x 4 engined will result in less availability of valuable slots.
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