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Default 49 years of Qantas Boeing 747's

Qantas first 747 was VH-EBA 747-238B "City of Canberra" it arrived after it's ferry flight 16th August 1971. Tomorrow VH-OEJ 747-438ER "Wunala" will be the last Qantas 747 to leave wrapping up 49 years of Qantas 747 service. At 14.00 a take off is planned to fly north over the Sydney Opera house and the northern suburbs of Sydney, Wunala will then track west towards Parramatta Western Sydney. She then will hook turn and track down the Parramatta river down to Sydney Harbour and low level 1500ft over the Sydney Harbour Bridge's north pylon before tracking south down to Wollongong / Illawarra field where HARS is located. Wunala will do a low level flyby over VH-OJA and the field before leaving for the last time bound for Majove. The flight number is QF 7474 tail is OEJ for those interested in tracking. I intend to be at HARS, however, with social distancing and Covid-19 restrictions it's not going to be easy. I hope to get some good photos and video for the 1:1 section of this forum. Qantas had always intended to retire VH-OEJ on 50 years of Boeing 747 Qantas service but Covid-19 changed all that. 49 years of models to show you now

1971-1984 livery Qantas 747-238B and two 747-238B SCD


747-238B "City of Bunbury" 1984-2007 livery on permanent display at Longreach Queensland

Qantas 747SP38's VH-EAA an VH-EAB (wish one was kept in a museum)

Qantas 747-338's released so far are

VH-EBU Nalangi
VH-EBT "City of Wagga Wagga"
VH-EBX Qantas JAL code share

Qantas 747-438's

too many regos but VH-OJA is on permanent display at HARS

and the Qantas 747-438ER's


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