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Default Re: 1/200 Inflight200 US Airways Metrojet

G - thanks for the note/response. By posting my 'want' ad, I'm trying to determine if this model existed myself hoping for replies like yours or maybe even a 'fat-chance' offer from someone.

I have been searching for this for years relying on only 2 bits of info:

1) DAC model database lists as Inflight200 Limited Edition INLEMET 732 (Wings900 ID 8587) Metrojet N285AU. But there was no reference picture posted. Last update was April 2007. N285AU was a red fuselaged 737-200 looking on the Internet.

2) A January 2011 post on www.modelairplanecollectors.com to a thread labeled 'My US Airways Collection!' noted that the modeled Inflight200 red Metrojet would be a great addition to the threadster's airport collection (of all US Air and US Airways liveries) but that was the extent of what was said regarding it. The threadster said he would consider adding such.

So it would be nice/great if we could somehow validate the existence of this elusive bird. Like you, I could never find a picture of the model.

Thanks so much for the response to my interest. We just need some additional input.
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