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I have many Dragonwings in my collection!! My 400 scale collection started with them, and they've made some stellar releases over the years. A few duds too, but so has everyone else, without exception.
The premise of this thread is a load of bollocks, and the video on Youtube is a complete bore. The author has absolutely no idea what he is talking about, and is an insult to the hobby, and it's history, which he is completely ignorant of!!
Enjoying aviation from a "TSA-free Zone"!!
Take the money-grab & deceit out of our hobby, and bring back ethics and quality!!
Just say NO to Apollo400/Black Box/Panda Models/Junk-X/First Choice/C&C/IF400/AV400/Witty400/Magic/AV200/AK200/Flightline/Flightline200/Flightline400/Pegasus/Blue Angle/5stars & any BigBirds (real or fake)

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