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Default Re: Private Aircraft

Originally Posted by Maarlandair View Post
Nice and diverse fleet! Would love to see a close up pic of your C172.
Pics posted! Included two comparing the actual plane and the model.

Originally Posted by AIR FRANCE 340 View Post
Congratulations !

Is it a Mac Donnell 220 that I see on the left ?
Pretty rare and completely forgotten.

Jean Pierre.
Yep!! One of my fave business jets. I got to see the only remaining one in El Paso in 2016

Originally Posted by crownvic View Post
Please take close ups of some of the one offs like the Douglas 220, the 1124 Westwind, Learjet and what looks to be 2 Caravans in front of the Skywest Brasilia ..Where did they come from??? Did you make those??

By the way, you inspired me from your last post, I searched and found that rare elusive Hogan Fed Ex A380 still unopened in the box! A total waste of money, but had to have it to complete the Fed Ex fleet..
Posted the closeups ! Three caravans and the newest Sky Courier. As Sutton mentioned, most of em came from Shapeways or PrintedPlanes (based in the UK).

Nice!! It's a lot better than the skymarks version IMO

Originally Posted by sutton View Post
Giratina might correct me, but I believe these are 3D printed models found on shapeways.com. They have the MD 219.

Some amazing stuff, reasonnably priced, coming fully assembled. To be painted. Several printing qualities available.

All types. Breguet 941, Yak42, XB-51, B-58, Il-62, VFW 614, in various scales including 1/200. Thousands of models.

I am convinced 3D printing will change the hobby, at least its custom part.
Yep! Most came from shapeways. Though some are expensive, most are nicely made and super detailed. You can tell which ones had the window outlines and which ones didn't

Also included larger 3D printed stuff that wasn't part of the cabinet. A lot of them were too small to be worth spending $30+ a piece on custom decals, so I did my best with gel pens and some good ol acrylic paint. Shapeways also offers different material, but I'm cheap as hell and got the worst material lmao The only thing I was disappointed with is the black falcon 50, it's much thinner than the other falcons I have including the 2000. Eventually I'd like to replace my AN22 with a diecast version. The props are very clunky and won't stay in the engine even with crazy glue
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