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Default Re: Do you have a rare model? Please share yours

Originally Posted by KLM4me View Post
Right? My response is, "Define rare." To me, rare means produced in very limited numbers, not "hard to find." Two very different things. The only rare model I own is the NG BA 757 "Pause to Remember" livery produced for the LGW Gatwick Aviation Enthusiasts' Fair with a limited run of 100.
Agree. Rare to me means limited quantity. Which usually makes the model hard to find. If DIMA is correct the smallest production I saw was 36. My favorite that DIMA shows only 36 were made in 2013. I find it hard to believe Inflight would have only made 36 of these. Wonder if DIMA left off a zero and meant 360. And happens to be one of my absolute favorite liveries.

United Airlines 747-100 N4714U Stars Bars Blue Lettering Justin Dart Inflight IF7414413

I also think any of the InflightLE models with LE in the model number are rare and hard to find.
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