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Default New Calibre Wings F-14D VF-31 Tomcatters AJ100

Hi. It just arrive at our local Hobby shop here . I would like to comments about the glove vane of this F-14D model, It is still there . The "D" model should not have the glove vane. It is there in the F-14A model, not "D" model. I look at this site, Primeportal.net . The walk around of F-14D model clearly show that model "D" indeed has no glove vane . I want to buy this model but when i look at this walk around and look in the internet of this real F-14D picture in flight ,there was no glove vane in the "D" model, makes me to reconsider of buying this model. I am not going to buy something which the mistakes is very obvious . I hope can get you guys opinion .
Appreciate it.
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