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Originally Posted by arctic9048 View Post
Yeah. It sucks all around. I'm sorry. I guess we'll have stories to tell one day, though. I feel like the older guys have all shared there what 9/11 was like. I have a feeling years from now, we'll be asked what COVID was like. There just won't be much to tell other than, "A whole lot of nothing happened."

How about that old saying, you donít ask and airline pilot if theyíve been furloughed, you ask how many times. Pretty true, just glad I got the seniority number and Iím on the payroll at least. Iím fully expecting the furlough at some point though. Might be able to get back to my last carrier flying the caravan though, I did a lot of favors for them while I was there.

Iím still flying my Cherokee at least once a week. Gotta keep the moisture from causing corrosion in the engine and keep some level of currency. Nothing like social distancing a few thousand feet above this mess. I give you guys, ground all the way up to center, a lot of credit through all this. Any health concerns down at your center, I heard some places like ZNY were having some issues. Iím guessing like most places youíve consolidated sectors to reduce staffing. Hope the restrictions lift by October for the Atlanta collectors show. Hoping to make it this year.
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