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Originally Posted by crownvic View Post
Understand the demographics of today's collector has changed. Airline orders and the current stuff is what sells and pays the bills. case closed..The smaller niche manufacturers possibly can do it as their production runs are smaller.
So the demographic change is the reason for GJ very limited lineup of airlines/Aircraft variety?!? ...because they assume all youngsters do collect diecast airplane models.

According to your understanding GJ is the company for the hipster generation and Inflight the one for the old and forgotten.

But in case you still did not notice: IF200 jumped on the "contemporay tain" aswell by releasing the 330/340, 787s And they use their moulds! unlike GJ does with the their 727s and 737s or DC-9s.

You sometimes got the feeling, that GJ missed the sign of times. They still sit on their old 1/400 77W mould while JCW develops their own which is more accurate, especially when it comes to the engines. Even more striking is NG as a new manufacturer, of whom some here might have thought "oh, another One-Hit-Wonder. But thes are still around, and they're doing some amazing stuff. And guess what: the release retro models! 1/400, ok, but maybe they start releasing retros in 1/200 aswell. So what is the conclusion: GJ has to rethink their philosophy "For collectors by collectors" They have to face, that there is more than just a bunch of people buying the latest airline which original just surfaced on A.net. And stop releasing the same Airlines/aircraft over and over again!
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