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Default Re: Which B747 is your absolute favorite?

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Oh my post and question is specific and to the point

Which B747 is your absolute favorite?

Doesn't matter what B747 type, what company or what livery, it can by anything B747 related.

For example it could be a B747-400 LCF for example, an AF B747-128 in Air France Delivery Livery from 1971, every B747 counts, it's not that hard as everyone else posted theirs

Mine will always be the National Airlines B747-135, for an other it can be the QANTAS B747-438 VH-OB Wunala Dreaming 01 or a Fed-Ex B747-245F/SCD for example
it can be anything just as long it's a B747

it won't matter what livery, what B747 type or what company, even if it's a freighter or a passenger variant, Diecast Metal or PVC, that won't matter, even if it's a modelkit @ scale 1:72 for example, all good!
Or even a prototype, you name it anything B747 related is welcome

So yeah what is your absolute favorite B747 AIR FRANCE 340?

p.s. I did edit the first post with what I seek, hope this helps
My top priority when I buy a model is accuracy.

JC Wings and Inflight models (J FOX, B BOX, W Box ...) are all very good.

The 20 year-old Herpa Premium B 747-400s are simply fantastic, just have a look at the landing gear and all the rest ...
I bought long time ago the ANZ model, I should have bought the KLM too.

More recently, I acquired the JC Wings AF F-GITJ last flight Mexico Paris with flaps down.
Excellent ... I also bought, same configuration, the 1998, Coupe du Monde de Foot Ball.

I have 11 AF B 747s, all different, I love them all, they bring back to my mind very good memories.

I know, I did not really answer your question, each of us has his own answer.

Side note : Before I am getting too old, I would like to see the same interest for B 707-120s and - 320s.

Jean Pierre.
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