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Default Re: HA2121 F-100D Super Sabre "MIG-17 Killer"

Originally Posted by Ladia View Post
Anyway, one question:
in the real life, is the blind wall in the intake visible when you look on your displayed HM F-100?
IIRC, not on most releases because HM usually wisely paints the interior dark grey/ black. However that doesn't look quite right either as the intake should be a light shade with the gun radar antenna black housing clearly visible. I repaint mine leaving only the deepest part of the intake black. It's the best compromise I've found.

Intakes and canopies seem to give diecast manufacturers all sorts of problems. Some of the very worst models intake-wise seem to have sold very well. Corgi's dreadful early 1/72 Lightnings. Century wings fantasy SR-71s, Intruders and even their Tomcats aren't right. All those Dragon and Witty F-15s with the ramps stuck fully up. And the list goes on and on . . .

As ever in this game, what individual collectors will put up with (or in many cases even notice) varies tremendously.

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