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Originally Posted by plane737 View Post
Curious to see if the issues Ladia pointed out on the 1st release will be corrected on this one? Added to Feb 2020 list. #114

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Yeah, that would be nice, especially when correcting those issues actually does not require much of investments, basically just a little bit more love for the models from the Hobby Master side.
HM reportedly already wanted to correct some of the HA6402 mistakes at that time, but as Adour posted, it was too late. "It's already produced" said HM 1 DAY(!) AFTER PRE-PROS WERE RELEASED !!!!!!!!!!!
...even their own production doesnt have HM fully under control?

Usually, later HM releases are often improved from the previous ones, however Im bit afraid that HA6403 can be already produced too - it would fit in with HMs split runs policy, especially when it comes to consecutive releases HA6402+03.
But I may be wrong - I would actually be happy of being wrong, or maybe HM painted them just partially, so the easiest way is if someone with good contacts with HM can ask if they are planning to make any corrections on HA6403 from the summary above.
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