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Originally Posted by jcahea View Post
Both options may be expensive, but I think you may find it will be more expensive to get one of every airline that had the 747 in their fleet. Would this new strategy be in 1:400, 1:200, or a mix. May want to consider what space is available for displaying unless you like rotating what you display.

For me, I have my core US carriers and ones I flew on. After that it is what I have seen or like, which after awhile I sometimes sell to keep things interesting and fresh as well as let other collectors get something they have been looking for.
I just made an Excel file with all airlines (according to Wikipedia) and I have a total of 156 () airlines which have ever used the 747. I included governments, NASA etc. A lot more than expected, and a lot of them have never been made in 1/400, so at least it will be an equal challenge to get them all

And like Habu968 said, some variety is the thing I am missing now. The only difference a normal person would notice is the white livery from the '70 and the light blue on the newer liveries.

But yeah, 35 KLM 747's to go... some of them only appear once in a blue moon on eBay, not even mentioning it being in good condition and the prices of around 150-200USD. And some have never been made

Let's say an avarage KLM price of 100USD with shipping. This would be 35*100 = $3500.
Against an avarage price of 60USD with shipping for every airline, which would be 156*60 = $9360

I guess KLM it is then
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