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Mediocre indeed. While GJ consistently ups the price for such inadequate models, their inability to even put glue on their models reeks of incompetence. Aviation18 on YouTube recently made a video concerning the declining quality GJ, and brings up the very same model you are reviewing. The main landing gear looked so comical and stupid. No effort whatsoever.

I mean, be honest. How much did you pay for this AC CRJ-900? $40? $50? With prices like that, you EXPECT a showcase ready piece, not a wad of metal in the vague shape of what is on the box. I mean, goodness! I bought 2x AA A321neos in the last few months, and both were not glued at all! One even had engine parts missing. Not unglued...missing! Ugh!

Manufacturers like NG Models are poised to take the hobby by storm. They take the time to listen to what is wanted, and craft their products frankly better than some 1:200 scale models! If GJ isn't careful, they'll be eaten. They aren't too big to fail.
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