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Default Re: NG Model - 1:400 August 2019 Release "Hints"

Originally Posted by Transpac787 View Post
I have no personal interest in buying one, so it's not wishful thinking on my part. But, they did have several ex-EA ships.

That said, I have to think that Rich International is unlikely, at least before getting to the more prominent operators. ANA, ATA, Aer Lingus, other BA livery variants, Cathay, Delta -500, etc etc.

It's not personal. No one brought up an "ABC is better than XYZ" comparison in this thread, until you did. Just about everyone that's participated in this thread, still likes your products too. They didn't like your Delta L1011's as much as the NG ones. So what?? It's not personal.

AC L1011's were a bit of a flop. Reviewers, fanfare (or lack of?), and excessive supply at retailers & ebay sellers all support this narrative. But again, so what?? Your recent DC9's and A320's produced significant fanfare. No one brand will ever reign supreme as the consumer favorite, across all molds. Even NG faces scrutiny about their 737's, 787's, and A330's every single release cycle.

How about Las Vegas Sands' TriStar?
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