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Default Re: Here my 29th B747! KLM's 95th Anniversary Quee

@ Rockybudgetboa
Hay Looks great Leslie <3 And yea! it's really not as bad as many say, nice catch there though!
Every Boeing 747 is awesome to me Passenger, Freighter, Government or Military versions all cool here, but it's cool to see you are collecting Queens again too!

It's that I just find it strange that PH-BFW is named City of Shanghai and not City of Wyoming for example hence the W in the registration, some other examples like: PH-BFT = City of Tokyo, PH-BFH = City of Hong Kong, PH-BFB = City of Bangkok or PH-BFA = City of Atlanta, sometimes I kinda lose KLM's idea for naming per reg while the city name doesn't have much to do with the last letter in the registration number hah xD

And Yeah my friend Rudi was ultra happy he wants to do even more B747 flights thanks to that ride hah just fantastic

Rudi van Goch one of my plane spotter members he seems to be a well known plane spotter Schiphol and also did photography for airline companies, so it felt super cool to see a friend of mine enjoy the B747 for their first time of their life, and even to me the B747 is the best thing that ever happened to me as well, still happy many are still ruling the skies even during the 50 years since they have been around as well.

Here my KLM B747's:

Two I flown on myself with my fam and two my dad flown with during his work days.

Top to Bottom:

KLM B747-406M PH-BFT "City of Tokyo" JC Wings

KLM B747-206B PH-BUA "The Mississippi" Inflight 200 1 of 240 pcs Limited Edition

And left from those are these two:

Top top Bottom:

KLM B747-406M PH-BFH "City of Hong Kong - KLM 95 Years" JC Wings

KLM B747-306M PH-BUW "Leonardo Da Vinci" ARD models UK

The first B747 I flew with my my fam was with the KLM B747-206B PH-BUA on Jan 21, 1980 it had the white top livery + Bar & Lounge on the upper deck/
Flight plan:
Amsterdam - Dubai - Singapore - Melbourne - Sudney

And on Dec 21 1985 & Jan 24 1986 witha KLM B747-306M the PH-BUU "Franke De Wittle"

Flight Plan on Dec 21, 1985:
Sydney - Singapore - Colombo - Amsterdam

Flight Plan on Jan 24, 1986:
Amsterdam - Colombo - Singapore - Sydney

Sadly I went with PH-BUW "Leonardo Da Vinci" from ARD models as I kind got confused with the registration, but the also livery of PH-BUW was the same when I flew with PH-BUU back then.
thus I kinda stuck with that as choice as well, other than that to have flown twice with a KLM B747-306M is a very rare happening, as most were converted B747-206B(M)SUD's, also only 87 B747-300's were made worldwide, so to have experienced that B747 type twice was something I'll never forget either.

My Dad flew 1 Business retour flight with a KLM B747-406M the PH-BFH City of Hong Kong back in 2007 for his work in Business Class
Flight Plan:
Amsterdam - Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale - Amsterdam

in 2011 he flew with an other KLM B747-406M but this time it was PH-BFT "City of Tokyo" but 4 retour lights in Business Class, he needed the cargo bay for his work equipment, there was an acid incident at their main communications center in Sint Maarten, they used 4 large transport containers packed with reconditioning equipment and used this part also to transport large pieces back to the lab in The Netherlands PH-BFT payed a very important role during these 6 weeks, as it was the only B747-406M KLM had available during that time period, so my dad and his work made good use of it.

Flight Plan:
Amsterdam - Philipsburg

Philipsburg - Amsterdam

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