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Default Re: Hobby Master F-105F/G

Thanks for information, Adour!

Here some comments:

Do you know whether HM will make a brand new tooling for F/G, or if they will just modify the current one-seater D mold into F/G? If so, it means this the end of D versions? If this is the case, will HM make enough one-seater blank castings for several more one-seater releases before they irreversibly modify their F-105D mold into a two-seater?
Is it possible to ask / kindly suggest / persuade HM to make enough one seater blank molds before they irreversibly modify that mold? There are still many interesting D schemes to be released!

... for example Cajun Queen:

On the F-105F/G model HM should really improve the MLG wheels, current slim tires are waaaaay too thin:




Better alignment of MLG wheels is also worth effort ...

3. Several details that should be changed / taken care on F/G mold, such as poorly modelled oversized and bulky cockpit coaming or blanks in the intakes that are much too visible.

I´m hoping HM is also aware of different vertical tail on two-seaters:

Single seaters tail:

Two-seaters tail:

Tails have different dimensions too, not only front leading edge shape.

Wings of F/G versions are also different.

Anyway, should HM make a decent F/G model, we can be looking forward to very attractive releases:


‘Peach 91´

´Take Her Down´


Hanoi Hustler
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