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Default Re: What 1:200 model is impossible for you to find

Originally Posted by alexara27 View Post
The one with winglets or without winglets for domestic routes ?

I've seen one (with no winglets) on ebay. I guess you can try to offer 100 USD for this + shipping.
I just purchased Aeroflot 77W from this guy, price was the same as ANA 139.00, I offered 100USD + shipping and he accepted (now model is on the way), the only one sad thing for me is the shipping which is expensive (over 50 USD).


Also, I've seen one guy [here in Korea] was trying to sell ANA 744 with winglets for pretty long time. He started with 230 USD but then dropped the price to 145 USD.

So I believe you can have both of this models sooner or later.
The winglet version... if you can send me the contact for the Korean fellow, I'd be most thankful.
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