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Default Air France B 727-200 JC Wings

After a wait of almost 14 months, I have just received this very nice B 727.

Sadly, the emergency walkways and APU exhaust on the wings are missing.
Difficult to explain these omissions, these details have not been forgotten on the IBERIA version.
They will be made with decals.

The anti glare panel is not exactly what it should be but can easily be corrected with a decal.
Some aircraft had no anti glare panel at all.

The rest of the model is very good, accurate and nicely detailed.
This aircraft was my second home for five years, an acquisition that I don't regret.

I will buy another one to make a custom with the ACI livery, ACI stands for Air Charter International and was the charter arm of AF and Air Inter.
I already have the decals.
Stay tuned.

Better pictures of the model are available on the Aviation Megastore web site.

Jean Pierre

By the way ... only three remaining models at Aviation Megastore
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