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Originally Posted by modelmanGB View Post
I asked an EasyJet pilot, who is well known to me, which of these 2 models had the engine nearest to the correct size. His response was the custom/JC Wings. With respect to engine shudder he says they run as smooth as silk.
I have just received my pair of easyJet A321s and very happy with them both. I am an easyJet skipper and the size and shape of the engines are fine (comparable to the HYJL version as previously mentioned).
Great job with the custom model, however the size and shape of the JC mould is far from fine.
I think Mr Stretton was referring to an emotional response in terms of engines making him shudder The NEO engines do sound different on ground and at low speeds. They tend to make more of a humming sound. At higher speeds, external airflow overwhelms the engine noise and everything sounds normal.
The bulge you refer to houses the external (to the engine core) gearbox and IDG (integrated drive generator).

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