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Originally Posted by DC-10_Tony View Post
...and if you're a seller, the buyer gets 6 months return policy hahahahaha!!!!
DC-10_Tony (or "Damaged Cranium-10 times_Tony" as dylan calls him ) has me on his block list so he likely won't see my reply, but yet another one of his posts has me scratching my head.

Seriously, what are you talking about? Sellers determine their own return policy. eBay will never force you to accept returns unless the item you ship doesn't match the description in your listing. I sell things all the time on eBay and do not accept returns. Of course, some buyers will try to scam sellers in various ways, and unfortunately eBay/PayPal will sometimes side with these buyers, but I've never had that happen. You just have to be smart as a seller and do everything to cover your butt.
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