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Well I can't find any pics of easyJet models on the DIMA database - it's obviously one of the no-no companies like Cathay Pacific - and Wings900/DAC are not up-to-date enough to have it.

I've found on eBay that there are at least two versions of it with registrations G-UZMA and G-UZMB. But 'MA has 'NEO' logos and 'MB does not.

Looking at pictures on-line of the six real easyJet 321NEOs, only 'MA has the NEO logo the rest of the fleet does not so unless Panda have screwed up, the models should have registrations G-UZMA. I cannot read the reg's of the models in the pics above.

The only difference I can see between them is the size of the engines and the style of the undercarriage. The one on the right seems to have engines that are far too big. The left hand model corresponds closer, in my opinion, with the real aircraft in photos. Assuming the re-release is to improve it over the first release, I would say that the left one is the newer version.

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