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Default Re: Inflight new releases for April

Thanks! I'm glad to see that someone else is also interested in older aircraft and paint schemes. (I think there are actually a great many of us out there and IF seems to understand that.)

To my knowledge, no one has yet released a Western 727 Indian Head. (I'm up for that one, if and when it gets done). I'm also hoping that we'll see a Western 737-247 Indian Head. (That's one of my Holy Grails.)

IF200 has released a Texas International DC-9-30 and a Continental DC-9-30 (black meatball). I hope that someone will release a CO DC-9-14 (black meatball). Gemini has a good Baby Nine mold and has already done a number of DC-9-14s (including a TWA twin globe), so we may get CO at some point.


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