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I have the Inflight 1:200 Western Airlines Boeing 720 with the Indian Head Logo and am looking for the matching Boeing 727. I also am looking for PSA 727 1:200 and TWA 727-100 Twin Globe. Good to know I am not the only one waiting on these new releases. If you go to Inflight 200 website, under new arrivals and scroll down, you will see the actual Frontier production model. Looks better than the print online and is beautiful! I am a huge fan of Albuquerque's first "Big Four" airlines prior to deregulation. TWA, Frontier, Continental and Texas International. I am trying to focus on the older color schemes and am looking for a Frontier Boeing 737-200 in the Arrowjet color scheme as well as the Texas International Pamper Jet logo on a DC-9. I think your PSA 737 choice is what I would have selected if the Frontier was never offered. Good to have a fellow collector of these Southwest US airlines to keep their memory alive! Have a pleasant evening.


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