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yeah i had watched her story on you tube, she was 1 of 193 Dutch Nationals that perished on flight Flight 17 (MH17).. very sad story indeed, in the video below the father speaks in Dutch but he says a lot of thing about his little girl, that she is forever gone, he has a lot of grief & sorrow, he kept her passport & boarding pass the only things he kept of her including her favorite watch, he wants everybody to know watching this video that his daugther was just a normal girl, his little girl.. towards the end of the video he wants to 'thank' Putin & who ever was responsible for murdering his only daughter.. at the very end he also talks about his daughter diploma ceremony which is not to be without his daughter and lastly he said that there is no future for him because his daughter was his future but she is forever gone now..

Very toughing story of a broken father who lost his only daughter in this horrible tragedy!


...that one day I will see many more colorful JC Wings MD-11 models and the long-awaited Gemini 200 TWA twin stripes 727-200!

I always fly America's favorite airline: Southwest Airlines and the World's oldest KLM!

Paris was the greatest city on earth! Vive la France! Tokyo 2020!

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