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Originally Posted by OnlyWayToFly View Post
"...those of us anyway who oppose the murderous, neo-fascist, aggressive-war waging regime there couldn't be happier." Hear, hear!

Who was the young woman who was killed on MH17?
That was Elsemiek de Borst. If you google her story you'll find about his father and his anguish. Any male reading this can easily put himself in the shoes of that man. This is just one story out of 298, and really one story out of 13000+, which is the number of people killed in eastern ukraine as a result of the russian hybrid invasion. All tragedies. All needless, and all caused by a sort of waging of aggressive war by Russia that hasn't been seen in this form in Europe since the Nazis.

Don't get me wrong - no government is perfect. The US causes needless deaths in places, for example. But what sets russia apart is their willingness to lie about it so very blatantly and then to build propaganda on those lies. It's one thing to murder somebody like Elsemiek -- it's another to compound this by using lies about this to further political goals. Russia could have said "well, yes, we did this and we made a mistake and for this we are deeply sorry and will pay restitution. Honestly, we thought it was part of our campaign of invading for the greater good because of (reasons)." But they don't even do this. They compound tragedy upon tragedy, lie upon lie. Pain upon pain. And the vast majority of ordinary russians these days allow themselves to believe such lies because it flatters their adolescent need to feel important.

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