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Default Re: Su-57 ‘stealth’ fighter may never see real com

Originally Posted by DC-10_Tony View Post
Does he ever smile? And doesn't that jet look eerily similar to China's stealth jet? Hmmm.
The Su57 doesn't look particularly like either the j20 or j31. If anything, most people would say that the J31 looks more like the F-22, and the J-20, which appears to be a dedicated us carrier group / taiwan attacker with low frontal RCS and not much more, is its own thing entirely.

and yes, the su57 is clearly a warmed over evolutionary 4.5th gen su27++ with a large number of serious development problems. so, given how unambitious it is, it is telling that putin's russia can't even get that right. between the su57 debacle and the fact that the ssj100 is a total failure, well, those of us anyway who oppose the murderous, neo-fascist, aggressive-war waging regime there couldn't be happier.

vladimir putin continues to lie about the murder of this woman, a passenger on MH17.
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