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Originally Posted by Istari View Post
Hey Al, think I dropped you a message a while ago about trying to copy the 737-200 stabilisers, as I have a few models, but no stabs. Anything that can be done?

Yes. I was looking for you. The only thing I could do is make you a mould for each side. They are different from Port/Stdb but if you only had the one you could make it work. Mine came very rough and I have to make them fit with a lot of sanding and do a bit of filling.
Did you try Paul Benn in England. He might even have one left laying around that you could get. Paul is really good at helping. Anyway, last resort, I'll mould you one or I could mail you the set and you could make the mould. We'll work it out. I'll PM you Paul's email right away. Mention me.

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