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Default Re: Extremely rare Inflight 200 models - MUST SEE

Seems to me that Retro’s post has been misunderstood.

Somehow I don’t think Retro was highlighting bargains to be had. Far from it.

You’re quite right Modestos. Doing another model run is down to the manufacturer and although it may annoy those who bought the original, it happens. But I think the point Retro is making that he approached a manufacturer and commissioned this model with a supposed limited run of 72. The subject was of his choosing and he paid for them to produce it, supply it and it was then sold by Retro at his risk. If there was such a thing as a rare model then this should be one! It sounds like the model didn’t sell that well and he had probably already taken a hit. And then he sees all these models appear for sale in China. There seems to be 8 sellers (how many are the same?) with multiple listings of up to 100 models!

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