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Default Re: How long is too long, to wait for a model?

Originally Posted by Sean's AA DC-10 View Post
Hahaha, Jumper...That's an awful long to time to wait for a model! Do you always pick up from a shop? From previous posts you've made - is it Burbank?
Something like 95% of the time, yes I do go through a local shop, and yes, for me it's BHoH. To be clear, I don't fault the shop in this at all - they've been very patient with me - I just wish there was a better way with some brands, but there really isn't. There's little to no communication from China (and likely won't ever be), obviously none when the items go into the containers and thru the voyage across the sea, through customs clearance and then trucking to the distributor, and then back to the shops...

Sometimes the only indication that something is on its way is when other outlets start releasing photos, like shops in Hong Kong or Japan, or Inflight or ARD over in the UK...but then there's a good month or two from that point on. And like I said, some models you don't hear anything, and they just eventually show up one day. Sucks from a budgeting perspective!

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