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Default Re: AC1008 Paper Tiger II - DAC exclusive in the z

Originally Posted by tigers747 View Post
OK one more time on that center section. I have not done this because I think chances are you could over pressure that piece but the only way I see to have open canopy correct is to open them and then ease the center section in to place. It is tight in there. With the center section pressed in and then trying to open the front canopy it catches on the center section. Just over all a poor design on AC's part.
Unfortunately, that didn't work on my model. If you first open the forward canopy, it's impossible to place the center piece (due to not enough room existing under the aft end of the forward canopy). And if the center piece is correctly positioned, the forward canopy can only be raised about half as far as it needs to be for the correct open position.

And you're right about the danger of over-pressuring the center piece. It's relatively easy to deform it or break it.

The only thing that worked on my model was to remove the tabs on the center piece and then glue it a bit to the rear of when it would have been with the tabs in the slots.

It's a lousy design - the dimensions of the canopy parts are obviously incorrect.
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